Friday, October 30, 2015

Bentong beckons

This was a side view of a dhoby housed in a pre-war building.
If I am not mistaken, the name of the shop is Muhibbah.
This is my take on an old building in Bentong, Pahang, located at the corner of Jalan Wayang. Bentong is not a big town, with the hive activity concentrated at the wet market area in the morning. By late afternoon, the town is transformed into a quiet enclave as most folk retire for the day. Once businesses close at 5pm thereabouts, the town can be pretty quiet. I was here for a few days to enjoy a day out sketching and some traditional food.

Bentong is famous for its durians, usually grown in the Kampung Tras areas, but the real gem that Bentong is very well-known for, since the 70s, is its ginger. You can find fresh or powdered ginger being sold by entrepreneurs under many brands.

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