I am a journalist of over three decades with 22 years spent at one of the leading newspapers in the country, the New Straits Times (NST), which is now under the Mediaprima, a media conglomerate.

I have recently retired from my work to spend more time with my family and art, one of my interests.

In this blog, you will see both my art work and and my writings, most of which were done when I was with the NST,  including pieces for my column in the daily which ran between 2009 and 2012.

In art, I am an avid sketcher and plein air painter, and the works you see here are also available for sale. Feel free to contact me.

Contributions to Art:

Apart from directly being involved in the promotion of art, and an active contributor, I am also the founder of KL Sketchers, Malaysian Watercolours and Malaysian Plein Air Artists group on Facebook.

I also have the experience in the organisation of art events and exhibitions, and if you need assistance, find me quite easily on the web.

(Disclosure: This blog site carries advertising that you may want to click. Doing so will earn you my gratitude and keep my palette wet and productive. If you wish to purchase my art, please get in touch with me - thank you.)