Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Be diligent and make an effort to avert misfortunes

SO, how was your luck in the first week of the Year of the Tiger? Those who know how to read the stars tell me that the Year of the Golden Tiger, which some said dawned on Feb 4, would be one of mixed fortunes, depending on whether your zodiac sign is on the list of the big cat's prey species.

You could, by now, be reaping all that heaven owes you or you could be taking evasive measures to lessen the bad luck in store, keeping your fingers crossed that the stars will be kinder this year.

A friend was not too happy after a fortuneteller told him that this would be a trying year since he was born in the year of the monkey.

He had visited the fortuneteller to see if he had any marriage luck, only to be told otherwise.

Not only would this year be one of missed fortunes, but also misfortune for him if he was not careful.

However, he was advised not to worry as the effects of the ominous stars could be countered by wearing a special jade unicorn sold at the shop.

Since purchasing one would have meant tightening his belt for the next six months, he delayed the purchase.

But when he stepped on a cat's droppings on New Year's Day, he thought it could be a warning of the bad things to come and wondered if he should get the jade unicorn just in case.

I told him a glass look-alike found at some RM5 shops might just do the trick for a lot less although I warned him against wearing the object around his neck lest it attracts more than just laughter but snatch thieves as well.

I then shared the story of a poor chap living not far from our home many years ago. Just before a particular New Year, he had gone to see a fortuneteller to find out if his luck would change for the better.

The fortuneteller had told him that he would have fared better years earlier if not for the inauspicious location of the front door of his house.

He was advised to add another window to the house so that the winds of prosperity that had been passing him by could be directed within instead. So, a window was hastily built, just in time for the New Year celebration.

On the morning of the New Year, the neighbours were awakened by a commotion outside the house.

Instead of finding a pot of gold at his doorsteps, the poor man found that his new window was ajar.

His wife, who had not yet got used to the presence of the new window, had forgotten to lock it the night before. Someone had entered the house through it and made off with what little valuables they had.

I told my friend not to be too influenced by the readings for there is no misfortune that cannot be overcome with diligence and effort. Even the best fortunetellers have been proven wrong.

I reminded him of the year when the Indian Ocean tsunami struck and how those who had predicted in January that it would be a year of prosperity and free of major calamities were proven wrong on Boxing Day.

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