Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Any day is a good day, 111111 included

HOW was your date with singularity three days ago? Did you join the thousands of number-worshippers to do something special last Friday?

Or like some of us who were too busy making a living, you were not even aware of the passing of 11.11.11 and had in fact treated it just like any day on the calendar?

It all depends on the degree of your superstitions, one level-headed chap told me.

If you are an optimist, you will sense something auspicious about the number 1 repeated six times.

But then you would have felt the same with 2s or 3s.

And you have every right to feel optimistic about 1, after all, it marks the end of nothingness. In life, the number 1 also means survival.

Being the first, means you are the best and being the best sometimes is all that matters, especially in the rat race.

Do you remember the first time you emerged top in something?

Recall the adrenaline rush as the news hits you and the elation that lasted hours or even days, depending on the degree of your achievement and the acknowledgement it received?

Indescribably good, wasn’t it?

You were not alone if you felt lucky last Friday.

On the morning of Thursday, some punters I know were already smiling all the way to the bank when 1111 came up in one of the gaming draws.

Too bad the number only won the consolation prize.

These punters would have been hysterical had the number come up the first prize.

Of course, it would have been very suspiciously coincidental, considering the odds, should the number have taken pole position in that draw.

No gaming company would be silly enough not to put a cap on such a number, especially against the single-minded tide of punters hitting for 1111.

I was told that the unique date has greatly benefited operators of restaurants and entertainment centres who had good marketing skills.

Some eateries saw sold-out crowd who were celebrating the special occasion. The next killing, smart eatery and entertainment outlet operators can make, will be on Dec 12, next year — if earth still remains in one piece. Remember 2012?

I saw an online poll set up by a website since January, asking its visitors how they felt about 11-11-11.

If the over 7,000 votes received are representative of those who believed in the auspiciousness of unique numbers, then then there is something to cheer about.

According to the poll, 47 per cent of those who voted believed that something good would happen on that day at a global scale. Forty per cent felt nothing would while the remainder felt that something bad would instead.

As you read this, I am sure you will know if you should give more attention to a number than it deserves, especially if your expectation had turned out otherwise.

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